Orsha Museum of V. S. Korotkevich

In 1994, the museum "Our famous countrymen" was created in Orsha, one of the sections of the exposition of which was planned to be dedicated to Vladimir Korotkevich. But in 1995, a proposal was received from the Union of Writers of Belarus to create a museum of V.S. Korotkevich. And already in September 1997, the museum of famous countrymen was named after V. S. Korotkevich. In 2000, on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the writer's birth, a museum building was opened with a small exposition in only one hall. And since February 2002, the museum has hospitably opened its doors to its visitors.

The tour begins already on the porch of the museum, because in that building a future writer was born on November 26, 1930.

In two spacious halls on the ground floor of the building there is a museum exposition under the general title "Portrait of a Writer and a Man". The central part of the exposition of the first hall is occupied by the writer's creative workshop — a fragment of the office of his Minsk apartment. In 2005, on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of Korotkevich, a second hall dedicated to the literary heritage of our countryman was opened. A sublime and romantic atmosphere reigns here, because in the style of his work, Vladimir Korotkevich was a romantic writer. Inside the exposition there is a research center. It includes a scientific library, methodological materials, a researcher's workplace. Here you can also hear unique recordings of the writer's own voice, musical works by Belarusian performers based on his poems, and watch feature films based on scripts by Karatkevich. There is an art gallery on the second floor of the museum.

By the beginning of 2012, the museum was visited by more than 100 thousand people.

Today, the exposition presents about 640 items. The most valuable of them are the personal belongings of the writer, the manuscripts of his works, drawings by Korotkevich the artist.

The archives of the museum contain interesting thematic excursions, museum classes, a video library of films about Korotkevich and films shot according to his scripts.

The museum actively participates in international exhibition projects, cooperates with Japan, Poland, Lithuania, Ukraine, Russia, Germany, Sweden. On the basis of the museum, two International scientific conferences dedicated to the work of Vladimir Korotkevich were held.